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Violet Hill Farm

Reviving Heritage Homesteading Traditions

Photo Gallery

VHF Wild Critters VHF Wild Critters Vultures Circling 158302086 Lunar Moth 158302088 Very Cool Bug 158302089 4 Little Eggs 158302090 New Baby Birds 158302087 Feathered Baby Birds 158302092 Red Belly Snake from the Basement 158302091 Baby Bluejay We almost ran this little guy over in the JEEP! Paul stopped in time, jumped out and picked it up - only to have mama and daddy Bluejay start carrying on and divebombing him. I took a quick photo and Paul returned him to a tree limb. 158917482 Footprints in the River Mud Muskrat, raccoon, beaver, deer, ducks... velociraptor? One very large goose or possibly the heron we see occasionally left a very large mark of its presence by the water's edge. 158917483 Crawfish These little bugs are WAY cool and we are crawling with them! 161432987 178289567 178289568 179135472 179135473 179135474 179135475