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Violet Hill Farm

Reviving Heritage Homesteading Traditions

Photo Gallery

Laying Hens - the Ladies Laying Hens - the Ladies Incubating Eggs 158343715 The First Pipping 158343713 Working Hard 158343712 Just Out! 158343714 First Hatchling 158343711 Egg womb 158343720 Chick Smile 158343717 158343719 Day Olds 158343722 Crate Full o' Chicks Getting ready to move to a new home in the barn 158343721 Extreme Egg Hunting When we say they run free? We are NOT kidding! 158343716 Eggs at Market 158343718 Regal Rooster 158343709 Watching Over His Hens 158343710 Enjoying Leftover Micro Greens 158343725