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Violet Hill Farm

Reviving Heritage Homesteading Traditions

Photo Gallery

Naturally Colorful Eggs Naturally Colorful Eggs Naturally Colorful Eggs 172189863 Market Display 172189859 "Easter" Egg Packs 172189860 "Nests" 172189855 Midget White Turkey Eggs 172189865 Duck Eggs 172189862 Turkey Eggs 172189866 In the Incubator 172189857 Hatching New Hens 172189854 Hatchling 172189856 Newly Hatched 172189867 At the Market 172189864 Extreme Egg Hunting 172189858 YUM! 172189861 First Colors of Spring 178288566 Duck, Duck, GOOSE!! 178288567 Goose, HUGE Chicken, Duck, Chicken 178288568 Duck eggs frozen in a nest... 178288569 Goose Egg 178288570