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Violet Hill Farm

Reviving Heritage Homesteading Traditions

We are a real, working farm. We won't raise, carry or sell a product we wouldn't buy and feed our own family which, we believe, delivers the best products. We keep our volume small and our quality high. You can find us at Union Square Greenmarket in Manhattan, NY every Saturday, year-round. 

Organically Fed Naturally Colorful Eggs - * NOW SOY FREE!!*

Aracaunas, Americaunas, Marans, Wellsummers, Salmon Faverolles, Dark Cornish, Leghorns and everything in between! We have a wide variety of laying hens that run free around Violet Hill Farm. They help us out here by keeping down bugs and ticks and can sometimes be seen hunting frogs and vermin. We know, chickens?! Yep. They have a chance to follow their instincts here, spending most of their time outside following us around, hoping to share in our snacks. Those foraging habits leave you with the most delicious, rich eggs high in Omega 3's that you've ever eaten. We package them in browns, browns and whites, blues and greens, and, our favorites, 6 shades of beautiful! All of our eggs are hand gathered, hand washed and hand packed. We take the time to make sure the product you get is the best it can be.

Belle Rouge tm Chicken NOW GMO FREE!

Deliciously tasty! Using a specialized feed and a lesser used breed of bird, we have chicken that tastes like, well, chicken! For roasting to the grill, the first meal to the last cup of soup, you won't be disappointed. We carry whole birds as well as parts. You can try them in your own kitchen or in several prominent New York restaurants.

Petit Poussin Blanc

Quite literally, "Little White Chick". We try to keep them between 3/4 and 1 1/4 lbs - a perfectly plump little option as a meal for one, fed a 100% certified Organic feed. They have just a short window from every batch so keep an eye out for when we bring them in and give them a try. We promise, you'll love!

Grass Fed Lamb

I call them our feral sheep! The flock lives a very natural existance roaming much of 100 or so acres of pasture on the farm during the grass growing weather and subsist on our own farm grown and baled hay all winter. From chops and roasts to ground lamb, we have all the cuts you are looking for. Don't see what you need? Ask!


Fresh, Fresh, Fresh! Did I mention fresh? There is definitely a difference in taste. Our rabbits are given plenty of hay and locally grown feed in the winter months and we are continuing to work on our pasturing system in the grassy season. All in all, delicious. Great meat to bone ratio and a nice change to your menu with recipes galore!

Seriously Good Pork

We raise heritage breed, Large Black, pigs. What makes ours different? How they live... Our giant piggies run as a family herd, uncaged, in a 4 acre outdoor paddock to forage, dig and wallow like a good pig should! We never dock tails, cut teeth, give antibiotics or vaccinations of any kind... As a result of the combination, you get slow growing, full of flavor, good for you pork!


If you know where to look and take the time to learn, there is food growing all around, without any help from us. We feel that there is no better product than nature's own! You can find wild foraged edibles and mushrooms many Saturdays in season. We are also working on offering a line of dried mushrooms, herbs, teas, etc. For More Information, GO WILD!

!!COMING AGAIN SOON!! Pastured Beef Grass Fed and Finished and dry aged for 28 days = UHHH-Mazing beef.